NORTH LA COUNTY DEVELOPMENT, LLC is a land planning, entitling and Development Company that was created to complete the development of the 966 acre Porta Bella project. Porta Bella, is a mixed-use master-planned community located in the City of Santa Clarita, California. The City of Santa Clarita is located approximately 35 miles north of downtown Los Angeles, 70 miles south of Bakersfield, and 40 miles east of the Pacific Ocean.

Meet The TEAM

Bart Shea - Co-Founder


Bart is a founding partner of NLACD and is a well-established real estate developer. Bart’s 30 years of real estate development experience includes land planning, entitlements, and development of casinos, multi-family projects, mixed-use projects and senior housing. He has completed over 10,000 multi-family units, over 500,000 SF of casino space with a total development value over a billion dollars.

Bart began his due diligence on the Porta Bella Project in 2015 and in 2019, NLACD acquired the project to complete the master planned community. 

David Lunn - Co-Founder


David is co-founder of NLACD. He is a licensed attorney in California and Arizona. David has over 20 years of experience handling real estate development and entitlements, environmental remediation, land valuation and construction matters. Throughout his involvement with Porta Bella since 2001, David has gained a unique and in-depth understanding of the entitlements, the environmental contamination, and its remediation.

David’s familiarity of the project, working with the City of Santa Clarita, will be a benefit to the development/entitlement processes. 

Mike Duffy - CDO


As the Chief Development Officer, Mike brings 40 plus years’ experience in real estate development and entitlement and permitting process. Mike was a licensed architect and general contractor and has a BS in Architecture, with post graduate work in community and regional planning.

Mike was introduced to the project in 2016 and will focus on the coordination of consultants and the mechanics of executing the development/entitlement strategy.

Jay "Corky" Northrop - COO


As Chief Operating Officer, Corky will provide the functional framework for execution of the business plan. Corky has over 42 years’ experience in real estate development and property management. He is charged with maintaining control of diverse business operations and establishing and following a set of policies. His organizational and leadership abilities helped in taking Evans Withycombe public in 1997.

He is a licensed real estate agent in the state of Arizona.

Allan J Abshez


Allan is the Chair, Los Angeles Real Estate, for the law firm of Lobe & Lobe. Allan has 30 years of experience in acquisitions and dispositions and guiding clients through the local, state, and federal permitting process, including compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act, general planning and zoning law, growth control and transportation demand management, the Subdivision Map Act, redevelopment law, the California Coastal Act, historic preservation law, brownfield development, design review, endangered species protection and wetlands regulation. Allan’s practice also includes representing owners, operators and lenders in land use litigation.

Over the last 3 years, Allan has work closely with Bart, David and Mike as they re-engaged with the City of Santa Clarita on the completion of the development and entitlement process. Allan’s familiarity with the project, the City of Santa Clarita, California development laws and has been instrumental in helping to develop the execution plan to complete the entitlements. 

Allan will lead the legal component of the development/entitlement process.  

Myla Bobrow


Myla was a real estate attorney doing land acquisition for a major department Store Group throughout the US. During this period, she became quite familiar with environmentally challenging properties and how to complete environment remediation.

Myla acquired the Porta Bella property in 1999 after the development process had been stopped by the City of Santa Clarita until the environmentally remediation was complete. She took the property through bankruptcy getting Whittaker identified as the responsible party for the environment remediation and to ensure that the environment insurance policies in place would be used to fund the environment remediation. She has also been part of the monitoring group since the remediation started. 

With most of the parties involved with the original entitlement gone, Myla will provide needed background information and perspective on the entitlement process to date. Myla will stay involved as a consultant for NLACD.